General InfoEdit

Diamond Bees Diamond Bees — General info
Pack Extra Bees
Branch Gemstone Branch
Description "Oh my god, this is definitely the shiniest bee!" -Jadecat, Apierist
Speed Slowest
Lifespan Shorter
Fertility 1 children
Flowering Slowest
Territory 9x6x9
Night Tolerated
Darkness Tolerated
Rain Tolerated
Flower Rock
Effect None

Further InfoEdit

Diamond Bees Diamond Bees — Further Info
Products Rocky Comb Rocky Comb every 7.6 min.
Specialities Diamond Comb Diamond Comb every 2.5 hours.
Temperature Normal Both 2
Humidity Normal Both 2

Resultant MutationsEdit

Bee Muation
Sapphire Bees
Imperial Bees
5% Chance
Diamond Bees

Further MutationsEdit


Analysis of EffectivenessEdit

NOTE: Gregtech should be installed for this to work.

  • Produce diamond comb every 150 minutes
  • I doubt their lifespan is that long
  • You will probably have to inject improved production and lifespan into them.
  • Diamond combs make 1 tiny pile of diamond dust per comb
  • 4 tiny piles of diamond dust makes 1 diamond dust
  • 4 diamond dust and 32 industrial TNT makes 3 diamonds
  • An gm'd diamond bee makes 3 diamonds every 446 minutes, or 7.44 hrs.
  • To extract diamonds from bees you will have to leave your computer AFK.
  • Don't forget the industrial TNT! Analysis below.
  • Because it makes 3 diamonds every 7.44 hrs., it is equivalent to a diamond per 2.48 hrs,
  • Industrial TNT analysis.
  • 4 ITNT is crafted by combining 6 flint with 3 TNT
  • 1 TNT is crafted with 4 sand and 5 gunpowder
  • Therefore, 4 ITNT is crafted with 6 flint, 12 sand, and 15 gunpowder.
  • Therefore, 32 ITNT is crafted with 48 flint, 96 sand, and 120 gunpowder.
  • To create sand, use gravel in the grinder.
  • To create flint, use gravel in the macerator.
  • To create gravel, place cobblestone near Caustic bees.
  • To create cobblestone, use a cobblestone generator.
  • The cobblestone-gravel process is slow, use >1 apiary.
  • To create gunpowder, centrifuge powdery combs created every 9.5 minutes by creepy bees.
  • This system should be able to create 32 ITNT every 7.44 hrs.
  • Comb Analysis
  • Due to the fact that you would have to change the speed trait to fast a Diamond Bee will produce a Rocky Comb approximately every 1.4 minutes.
  • For every diamond comb, a bee will produce 319 Rocky Combs.
  • For every 3 diamonds, a bee will produce 5104 Rocky Combs.
  • For every diamond, a bee will produce 1701 Rocky Combs.
  • This is equal to 26 and 1/2 stacks of Rocky Combs per diamond.

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