General InfoEdit

Shadowed Bees Shadowed Bees — General info
Pack Extra Bees
Branch Shadow Branch
Description None
Speed Slower
Lifespan Normal
Fertility 2 children
Flowering Normal
Territory 9x6x9
Night Tolerated
Darkness Not Tolerated
Rain Not Tolerated
Flower Nether
Effect Darkness

Further InfoEdit

Shadowed Bees Shadowed Bees — Further Info
Products Shadow Comb Shadow Comb every 7.6 min.
Specialities None
Temperature Hellish Down 2
Humidity Arid None

Resultant MutationsEdit

Bee Muation
Rocky Bees
Furious Bees
10% Chance
Shadowed Bees

Further MutationsEdit

Bee Muation
Shadowed Bees
Embittered Bees
8% Chance
Darkened Bees

Bee Muation
Shadowed Bees
Darkened Bees
8% Chance
Abyssmal Bees

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