General InfoEdit

Sweetened Bees Sweetened Bees — General info
Pack Extra Bees
Branch Saccharine Branch
Description None
Speed Slowest
Lifespan Shorter
Fertility 2 children
Flowering Slowest
Territory 9x6x9
Night Not Tolerated
Darkness Not Tolerated
Rain Not Tolerated
Flower Reeds
Effect None

Further InfoEdit

Sweetened Bees Sweetened Bees — Further Info
Products Honey Comb Honey Comb every 3.8 min.
Sugar Sugar every 15.3 min.
Specialities None
Temperature Normal None
Humidity Normal None

Resultant MutationsEdit

Bee Muation
Tropical Bees
Diligent Bees
15% Chance
Sweetened Bees

Further MutationsEdit

Bee Muation
Sweetened Bees
Diligent Bees
15% Chance
Sugary Bees

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