Welcome to the Extra Bees Wiki

This is an unofficial wiki for the Minecraft mod Extra Bees by Binnie.

Please help expand it by adding new stuff!

Note: This wiki does not provide any information about Extra Trees.


Why do you come on this wiki

The poll was created at 01:53 on April 15, 2013, and so far 826 people voted.

Some stats

We currently have:
Information on 43 Branches
Information on 156 Bees
Information on 16 Effects
Information on 90 Items
Information on 90 Combs
Information on 19 Dusts
Information on 25 Drops
Information on 15 Liquids

We have 1 active users
We have 3 Admins

in total we have:
1,831 Pages
727 Files
3,382 Edits

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