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Mutator block
In the picture above you can see three mutator blocks in an alveary. (Down below is a frame housing)

Frames are generally used to increase production of honey combs and other items produced from breeding.

These are the frames added by Extra BeesEdit

  • Chocolate Frame - Increases production at the expense of lifespan.
  • Restraint Frame - Reduces Territory at the expense of production and lifespan.
  • Soul Frame - Increases mutation rate at the expense of production and lifespan.
  • Healing Frame - Increases lifespan at the expense of mutation rate and production.
  • Nova Frame - Shortens the lifespan of bees to between *20-30 seconds. Intended only for testing to check proper occurence of mutation. It has no recipe and only obtainable through NEI with Cheat Mode on.

*Just an average from a quick test. May not be 100% accurate.Edit
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