The Genepool is used to break down your bees into Liquid DNA for use in the Splicer, Synthesizer, and Purifier.

An unanalyzed princess gives 250 mB, an unanalyzed drone gives 50 mB, an analyzed princess gives 500 mB, and an analyzed drone gives 100 mB. Drones, even though they give less, are a better source of Liquid DNA because they are more easily obtained.

The Liquid DNA can be pumped out to be stored in any liquid(Fluid in 1.6.x) storage block, including Buildcraft Tanks, Railcraft Iron/Steel Tanks, and Ender Tanks.

Liquid DNA has two uses.  The first, and most important, is refilling your gene serums obtained from the Isolator.  After recharging your gene serums, you use Liquid DNA in the Purifier to increase the quality of your gene serums, which minimizes the risk of harming your bees.

Liquid DNA can be transported with any liquid(Fluid in 1.6.x) pipe such as Liquiducts from Thermal Expansion, Waterproof Pipes from Buildcraft, or Liquid Import Buses from Extra Cells (Applied Energistics).

This device requires MJ or RF to operate. It has an internal storage of 2000MJ. The device can accept power input from any side.