The Inoculator injects a gene serum into a bee using Minecraft Joules (MJ). Each injection uses up one charge on the serum. The serum can innoculate both the active and inactive genes in a bee.  This is determined randomly, and an innoculation has a chance to fail.  Therefor, in theory, it is possible to require more than one fully charged gene serum to innoculate a bee.  However, it also has a chance to be done with only two charges.

Insert a gene serum with at least one charge in the left single slot, and any bees in the top slots.  If a bee is not currently being innoculated, it will fall into the middle right slot to be innoculated.  When innoculation is completed, it will fall into one of the lower slots, and the next bee to be worked on will fall into the middle right slot, until all bees have been innoculated, or the serum runs out of charges.

Machine characteristics:

  • Energy storage: 75 000 MJ
  • Max energy input: 500 MJ/t
  • Energy usage: 25 MJ/t