Mutator block

In the picture above you can see three mutator blocks in an alveary. (Down below is a frame housing)


Showing how you can use mutator blocks when breeding new bees.

The Mutator Block is an addon to the alveary, it is used to increase mutation chance when breeding new species.

The maximum amount of Mutator Blocks used in an alveary is three, you will still be able to add more things to the alveary when using three mutator blocks.

To use the Mutator you must put an item in the Mutator to increase mutation chance, remember that the item that is put in the Mutator will be used up after the mutation is complete.

The items accepted by the Mutator are:

  1. Soul sand, increases percent by 1,5 times.
  2. Ender pearl, increases percent by 2 times.
  3. Eye of ender, increases percent by 4 times.
  4. Uranium ore, increases percent by 10 times.
  5. Nether star, increases percent by 50 times.

Example: "Say you are going to make a Radioactive Bee, it has a 5 percent chance to succes, if you would put one Uranium Ore in a Mutator, the percent would be increased by 10 times, making it 5% x 10 = 50%. If you would use a Nether star it will increase the chance by 50 times, 5% x 50 = 250%. If the mutation chance is higher than 100% it will not breed more that two species of the same bee, only one.

Note: As the lowest a bee's mutation chance can be is 2%, a Nether Star will always mutate at least one of the species genes on every bee if possible.

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