Woven Backpack

a upgraded version of the Backpack. information on how to use it and what it can hold is on the Backpack page. note that everywhere it says 15 spaces now is 45 spaces

  • Woven Miner's Backpack
  • Woven Digger's Backpack
  • Woven Forester's Backpack
  • Woven Hunter's Backpack
  • Woven Adventurer's Backpack
  • Woven Builder's Backpack
  • Woven Computer Engenieer's Backpack*
  • Woven Thaumaturge's Backpack*
  • Woven Trackman's Backpack*
  • Woven Icemans's Backpack*

NOTE: Backpacks with '*' come from another mod, like RP2, CC, Thaumcraft, Railcraft, etc.

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